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    English wooden houses and cottages Philippines

    All of us have got used to that traditionally build of a tree in north - in Russia, Norway, Sweden and especially in Finland. England though it also cannot be named northern country, too it is possible to consider as fan of wooden architecture. Anyway many eminent architects prefer to receive awards for wooden architecture.

    If to compare constructions from a tree in Great Britain to vigorous activity of our neighbours - Finns distinctions will be found out both similarities, and. We shall tell, in Finnish cottage construction pine is used mainly lappish. Englishmen build of a tree less, and constructions seldom happen entirely wooden - more often this combination of a tree and a brick. So, probably, these two circumstances allow them to apply more dear and exclusive materials: Oak (the most popular material at construction), Siberian larch, and for some elements (for example, Windows) and exotic grades of wood or a tic. general, undoubtedly, use of frame systems and combinations of a tree and concrete, glass and metal furnish is. Comparison of English and Finnish wooden houses not absolutely correctly: in England wooden cottage or house with elements of wooden architecture is an emblem of a stylish life, an accessory to creative circles, and in Finland this property of broad au nces of population, phenomenon ordinary, ordinary, though also quite high quality of construction. In England there is a special organization " Wood Awards " which estimates buildings from a tree, created by those or other architectural bureaues.

    The number wishing to take part in competition under aegis " Wood Awards " year from a year grows. In left 2006 jury of organization has selected 31 project from considered 206, and there are no doubts that is really worthy samples of modern wooden housing construction - knowingly to each of them by old English tradition is named. Wrap House - project of an architectural bureau " Alison Brooks Architects ". Modest enough construction on dimensions (only 65 m2.) visually differs dimensions. Differences of height of a roof of this building are an original nod to an architectural environment - to standard brick houses in edvards style. Besides such roof allows internal space of house, in particular to create an original triangle of a ceiling above a fireplace in a drawing room.

    Extensive panoramic glasses though is attribute of modern style, does not conflict to a wooden roof, walls and a wooden patio. Through transparent walls kind on a garden opens. flooring of a patio accurately bypasses a trunk of an alive tree which Englishmen with their love in nature and to plants, certainly, have tried to keep on perimeter. Orchard House has been constructed by architect Edward Nashem (Edward Nash) for enough big family on a place of old house which have become obsolete architectural century (photo Orchard House). house is located in a unique place, near to reserve. customer put a problem softly to enter a building in surrounding landscape, to provide a beautiful kind from house and to create a modern interior. Therefore in project primordial, rural motives have been used. It is dialogue with nature in language of natural materials, and first of all due to application in furnish of walls of wood of an oak with its magnificent structure. building under form reminds a barn, but surprisingly graceful a little! To number of structures, there is no time used as present rural shed, concerns Hesmonds Barn (the author of project Nigel Braden). Our contemporaries have tried to keep as much as possible a historical part of a building, in particular did not begin to replace oak rafters, which were well kept, and new - glass - a part of a wall by panels from an oak to keep external colour of a building. At reconstruction a lot of attention has been given to joiner's works: old curve oaks which wood differs special structure specially stole up. Holly Barn - elegant structure located in Norfolk and designed in company " Knox Bhavan Architects ". building is perfectly entered in a local landscape with windmills. Alternation of wide and narrow strips of Siberian larch creates certain rhythm of walls.

    Facades of a roof are completely glazed, but equipped outside by wooden jalousie which panels are made from (just as window frames and doors in all structure). On a roof of house larch as its water resistance for a long time is widely known in Europe also is used. internal space of house is planned so that owner of house chained to an invalid armchair felt as it is possible more comfortably. combination habitual for Englishmen of a brick and in this country of a tree distinguishes Willow House (authors of project - a bureau " Reid Architects "). Even nonspecialist in questions of architecture could tell, that it is alteration, careful and at same time original. Completely to destroy a building costing in territory client did not become from commercial reasons. But original house has been considerably transformed: in particular, average section have completely replaced with wooden structure with extensive glasses in two floors.

    As a result a little bit dark and gloomy old building has turned in well built in sense of proportions, house light and very clear for perception. Beechcroft companies " RRA Architects " - a typical variant of a modern English bungalow in which brick of an old structure is combined with a tree of a modern extension. problem of architects in this case consisted in reconciling old construction. decision has been found first of all due to use wide, going on all eaves. Is a rescue from superfluous which in connection with warming so all Europe is afraid, in winter - an additional barrier to rains and a wind in summer. Light which is late , is compensated panoramic glasses, and transparent verandah in ancient to a garden has introduced in house light and fresh opennesses. Today in construction of cottages much became possible that earlier for wooden houses was impossible. Architects safely combine various materials, construct huge Windows and impudently bend walls and ladders - and all this without damage to comfort and safety of habitation. tree does houses especially warm and cosy, and Englishmen appreciate a cosiness at all less, and can be, and it is more, than all other Europeans.

    Wooden houses construction. Wooden houses projects Wooden houses gallery exterior, interior
    Glued balks, regularized round wooden house Hardwood flooring, mouldings, floorboard

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